Lashun Tines: Diaspora “The Art of Blackness” 2013

Take a look at Chicago-based designer Lashun Tine‘s work for the 2013┬áDiaspora “The Art of Blackness” exhibition. (See the 2012 edition right here.)


A bit of background:

As the Art Director and Public Relations Chair for The MetroBoard of the Chicago Urban League, one of the highlights of my tenure has been┬áthe creation of The Diaspora “Art of Blackness” Exhibition. What makes this exhibition so special is that it is the only annual group arts-show jointly sponsored by The MetroBoard, The STA and The AIGA (Chicago) in observance of Black History Month and in support of burgeoning African American artists.

In broad contrast to the look and feel of the 2012 exhibition, this years exhibition “utilized” a Minimalist theme: a stark black and white color palette (an ode to the African ancestry of exhibiting artists) and bold typography were used to push the importance of Diaspora’s mission for the 2013 sponsorship proposal.

LashunTines_Diaspora_02 LashunTines_Diaspora_03 LashunTines_Diaspora_04 LashunTines_Diaspora_05 LashunTines_Diaspora_06

One comment

  1. I’d much rather see the real, printed book instead of a mock-up. The text running through the gutter looks like a printer’s worst nightmare and I can’t imagine that it would turn out so well.

    That being said, the overall look is awesome.

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