1. This is beyond genius! I think I need to go back and rethink some of my childhood toys too. The possibilities are endless!

  2. […] What a brilliant concept! These beautiful letterpress prints are actually made with LEGO toys. I can’t believe nobody thought of this before! And the prints are stunning, to boot. When I’m home at Thanksgiving, I think I may just raid my little brother’s toy chest for inspiration… :) [via designworklife]. […]

  3. […] Interesante proyecto de manos de Physical Fiction. Letterpress impresos con piezas de Lego. Si queréis algún cartel lo podéis adquirir aquí. Y aprovecho para enseñaros otro letterpress, esta vez hecho con dados. […]

  4. Hi Peter, I’m not sure if you don’t get the process or the appeal of it. It was the former…If you look at the second image, you can see that actual LEGO pieces have been used in place of a letterpress plate or wood blocks to make the design. Hope that helps/

  5. Thank you Courtney, I understand now. Nice. Btw, I’ve never seen translucent lego pieces like that before. Where did you get them/what are they called?

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