lg2: Maison Orphée’s Sea Salt Packaging

lg2 recently developed this classic, and somewhat nautical, design program for Maison Orphée’s new line of sea salts:

As an importer and producer of exceptional oils and condiments, Maison Orphée is proud to extend its product offering with the launch of a new line of sea salts. Inspired by the company’s 35 other products (also created by lg2 three years ago), the new packaging definitely has its own personality.

Naturally reminiscent of the sea, the look is minimalist, and modern using stripes to evoke the allure of lighthouses and sailing. As unique as the packaging is, it is these same stripes that create a link to the other products in the Maison Orphée product range, adding to the growing family of fine products.

The new sea salt is available in major supermarkets across Canada.

lg2_MO_Sel_01 lg2_MO_Sel_02 lg2_MO_Sel_03 lg2_MO_Sel_04 lg2_MO_Sel_05 lg2_MO_Sel_07 lg2_MO_Sel_08


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