LOST for Sale

In case you haven’t heard, Ty Mattson’s LOST posters (previously written about here) are going to be available via ABC. They will be releasing the designs one at a time, starting with the smoke monster, which will be applied not only to posters, but also to t-shirts, skateboards, mousepads and coffee mugs. Check them out right here.

LOST posters


  1. […] 3. I know Lost is ending in a few days, but don’t spoil it for me. I watched faithfully until about midway through season three (about the time I stopped watching TV in general), but recently Paul and I started watching from the beginning on DVD. We’re a few episodes into season two, and he’s hooked. They’ve just opened the hatch and met the Tailies. Exciting times. Anyway, love these funky graphic Lost photos by Ty Mattson, which are now available for purchase. [Via DesignWorkLife] […]

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