Magpie Studio: Glue

Glue is a think tank, whose brand identity was designed by London-based Magpie Studio. They’ve written such a great description of the work, I had to share:

How to—Make an identity stick.

Glue is new think tank, specialising in connecting brands and policy makers with a largely disaffected youth. The identity, which began with a naming stage, needed to appeal to a demographic of hard-to-reach 16 to 25 year olds.

A graphic language of bold patterns was created to represent the different groups and communities that Glue brings together. These contrasting patterns are physically joined by a unifying wordmark, to form a simple and memorable identity that sits in stark contrast to the jargon-heavy, grey identities that typify the sector.


  1. For some reason I really wish the circle fill around the wordmark wasn’t semi-transparent.

    Weirdly bothersome, but still a great identity!

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