Merijn Hos: Wood Sculptures at Beginnings NYC

Dutch artist and illustrator Merijn Hos recently had an exhibition at Beginnings NYC, featuring a selection of his colorful wood sculptures.



A bit of background on the series:

Wood Sculptures is a collection of works originally made for an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Kampen in the Netherlands, which was on display in the Spring of 2012. The group exhibition, which the installation was part of, was entitled, “Grenzeloos” (nl) – translated as “Boundless”. A number of contemporary Dutch Illustrators working in the traditional context of commercial art projects and self initiated artworks were featured in the show.

There are now two series that consists of 262 unique sculptures in total varying in size between 5 and 14 inches. I began the creation process by drawing objects that appear frequently in my work, for example, plants, faces and pottery in their most simple form, narrowing each item down to the essence of their shape. The drawings were then cut out of wood and finalized with house paint and acrylics. Being inspired by Art Brut and Folk Art I decided to paint what are rather abstract forms in a naïve way, using about 24 colors and a uniform brush size.






You can get a closer look at all of the pieces in the series right here.


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