1. These posters are phenomenal! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one geeked up about the new Muppets movie. Please tell me these will be for sale somewhere. I’d love to have Janice framed and hanging in my living room.

  2. […] Personal projects are some of my favorite to look at as you can see the passion the designer has for the subject. I love Michael De Pippo’s use of the hair as negative space in his vin­tage con­cert poster series for the upcom­ing film, The Muppets. Plus the posters present an interesting concept for marketing. Wouldn’t it be neat if movies actually featured the fictious bands/companies/etc in their movies as promotional pieces? Found via designworklife. […]

  3. Yes yes! Please tell me we can buy them somewhere- I would love every one of them framed and hung in my house. Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem were a serious influence on me growing, up, and your designs are fantastic!

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