Monday Quick Links: 01.09.12

A couple of more “best of” posts to round out the year: The Best Movie posters of 2011, Johnson Banks Review of the Year.

Jessica Hische’s Should I Work for Free Flowchart, is now available as a five-color letterpress print.

Love this large-scale, single page letterpress calendar by The Made Shop.

The Guggenheim has digitized a ton of their out-of-print art publications, and they’re providing free access to the public! Check out the whole set right here.

I’d love to get my hands on this typographic make your own banner.

The Dumpster Project is a walk-in collage featuring a lifetime of artist Mac Premo’s sentimental treasures.

The Behance iphone app is now available!

I’m drooling over the Tokyo Type Director’s Club award winners.

How to Lead a Creative Life.

To wish Belgium a safe New Year, road safety organization Parents of Road Victims made one of the darkest turns in Belgium less dangerous. Check out “The Safest New Year”, a video documenting the process.

Good Reads: Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking, Facebook’s Ben Barry on How to Hack Your Job17 Design Pros Dish Their Best Career Advice.


  1. I haven’t been able to read all your posts just yet, but have you made a “best since inception” list? Meaning.. the best you’ve seen since you started designworklife…?

  2. Welcome! I haven’t put together a post like that, unfortunately. Not sure how I would decide! If you see a post you like, I’d suggest clicking through the recommended posts a bit. Otherwise, the archives are pretty well organized. So if you have a particular topic you’re interested in, that’s another good place to start.

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