Monday Quick Links: 01.18.10

Quick Links

We are off in the States today to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but I thought I’d pop in to share a few posts with you. Enjoy your day off if you have one!

A new way to protect your designs and artwork: myows. I haven’t had too much time to check this out yet, but it sounds like it may be a helpful resource.

Take the pledge to step away from the screen and read more books and magazines: Read the Printed Word.

An exhuastive and addictive resource, the Vintage Ad Browser

Jessica Hische’s Drop Caps are now available as individual prints! She also started a new blog which I’m enjoying, Mostly Useless Stuff I Want.

Adorable downloadable Valentines by Jeanie and Jewell.

Flowing Prints newest release is a World Progress Report.

I’m really enjoying this new-to-me blog I stumbled upon: Dessert Girl: Where Design and Dessert Meet.

The 2010 Studio on Fire calendar is now available.

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