Monday Quick Links: 01.31.11

Quick Links

Good Reads: The Typographic Monotony of American Retail, Should Designers’ Business Cards Be Designed?, Be Who You Are.

I get asked how to find work relatively often, so I will now be referring all future inquiries to Jessica Hische’s How do I Get Freelance Work?

I’m completely fascinated by this set of vintage photos from the Sydney Police Museum.

A Perfect Day is a typographic, stop motion animation by MFA Candidate Elliot Walker.

I’m in love with this beautiful print by Karina Eibatova.

House of Buttons looks like a great resource for web designers. (via swissmiss)

Here’s an amazing video featuring David A Smith, a glass sign artist. (via Jason Johnson)

Just added to my wishlist: Village’s 2011 Alphabet Tote.

I’m loving the idea of Trade School, where you can barter for instruction. The variety of upcoming classes is pretty awesome.


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