Monday Quick Links: 02.06.12

Designers & looks like it could be a great resource for designers to connect with both printers and developers.

I love these great illustrations about working solo by Lizzy Stewart.

Emily Oberman, of Number 17, is Pentagram’s newest partner.

Eight Hour Day was named one of GD USA’s People to Watch in 2012. Congrats!

A group of designers from Pennsylvania went to so far as to change their license plates as part of an invitation for Jessica Hishce to come speak there: Inviting Hische.

Kern and Burn’s 100 Days is a new publication focusing on design entrepreneurs and their projects.

Ben Barry released  a series of posters designed for Facebook under a Creative Commons license.

If you haven’t yet seen The Princess Bride Custom Wine Packaging System by Helms Workshop, you’re in for a treat.

Good Reads: Why the Sharp Distinction Between “Individual” and “Group” Brainstorming is False in Real Teams.

Can’t Miss Videos: Realtree | The Making of a Tradition, a video featuring the making of a branding piece at Hammerpress.


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