Monday Quick Links: 02.07.11

Quick Links

For the next issue of Uppercase Magazine, over 40 letterpress printers have contributed samples of their work. Each issue will include one sample chosen at random, and a select few subscribers will receive a sampler pack of the whole set. Check out what you could get right here.

The Lost Type Co-op is a new project by Tyler Galpin and Riley Cran.

Remember these B-movie inspired ecards I featured a couple of months ago? Well, Veer has now made them all into iphone, ipad and desktop wallpapers. Check it out right here.

For all the foodies and chefs in your life: The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools

I can’t stop looking at this gallery of vintage sign art by Nutmegger Workshop.

Good Reads: How to Kick Ass on Kickstarter: An Interview with Frank Chimero, How to Become a Design Visionary Without Really Trying.

Looking for a festive desktop wallpaper for February? Try out this one by Lisa Rupp.


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