Monday Quick Links: 02.14.11

Quick Links

Up There is a lovely short documentary about the art of hand-painted advertising. This process amazes me; and I feel incredibly lucky that I’m able to witness some of the last examples of the art form in action here in NYC.

The 2010 Feltron annual report is live! I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of the print version, which features 4 spot colors and gold foil. I’ve purchased it every year and it never fails to impress.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m pleased to share Kate Spade’s B Mine gallery, a catalog of e-cards made by various artists and designers; as well FontShop’s 2011 edition of Valentype.

Good reads: You Don’t Need a Designer by David Airey and Q&A: Starting a Business on Eight Hour Day.

The Manual, a limited-edition print magazine about design on the web, looks like a really great project. If you’re interested you can become a backer on Kickstarter. (via swissmiss)

The latest release in the 1200 posters series, by Mando Veve JooHee Yoon, is now live.



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