Quick Links: 04.25.14

Quick Links: 04.25.14 / on Design Work Life

I’m loving Maud Vantours‘s colorful 3D paper sculptures which I discovered via Collosal.

It was really interesting to see how Anna Bond of Rifle Paper spends her days on Design Sponge this week. She is one busy lady!

I just discovered this limited edition Stay Hungry print by The Hungry Workshop—I’m thinking it may be the newest addition to the gallery wall in my office.

Jen Adrion and Omar Noory of These are Things just launched Turn Your Creativity Into a Career with Unconventional Guides. This looks like an amazing resource for anyone looking to turn their creative passion into an actual business. Get all the details right here.

A great quick thought from Seth Godin this week: “How do I get rid of the fear?”