Monday Quick Links: 02.20.12

Issue 2 of Computer Arts Collection is now out! Check out this more in-depth preview of the first two issues for a closer look.

Roald Dahl Stamps!

In case you missed this Valentine’s Day video I tweeted last week, it’s worth a look.

Looks like Adelle Sans is in the works. Nice!

Times Square Tic Tac type by I Love Dust.

Did you happen to catch Happy Cog’s new site? They designed and developed the entire thing, using their usual client process, in only 5 days.

Jeff Rogers has a brand new site.

16 Inspiring and Motivational TED Talks from 2011.

Gerren Lamson just released a few new typefaces and a swatch pack. Pick them up right here.

Apple unveils Mountain Lion.

The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.

The Good F***ing Design Advice Family Friendly poster.

Can’t Miss Videos: Work Experience by James Edmondson.

Good Reads: Designers Are The New Drivers Of American EntrepreneurialismWhy Being Sleepy and Drunk Are Great for CreativityTo Speed Up The Creative Process, Slow Down.

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