Monday Quick Links: 02.28.11

Quick Links

Yet another reason I neeeed an iPad: Suitcase Type’s new app, Type Specimen.

Kyle Tezak released two pieces from his Four Icon Challenge series—The Life Aquatic and The Big Lebowski—as prints. Pick them up right here.

In other poster news, Matt Stevens also just released two new limited-edition prints—Ten Cent Pistol and Go-Getter.

I am loving these vector animal patterns made by Laura Belle of OhHi on a work break.

I spotted the art piece One Hundred Live and Die by Bruce Nauman on The Fox is Black. Amazing.

Check out Jason Fried on Design, a conversation between Jason Fried of 37 Signals and Dave Gray.

The Makers, a photography project by Jennifer Causey, features photographic essays about the makers of handmade goods and the people and inspiration behind each product.

Good Reads: Redesigning MailChimp, 10 Lessons for Young Designers, Interview: Designer Michael Carney Talks About The Black Keys, The Grammys, and Being a Disco DJ, The Disconcertion of Spec.


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