Monday Quick Links: 03.15.10

Quick Links

Made You Think is a project that aims to create a 100 page magazine with the personal work of 100 creatives. To learn more about how to participate or get involved click here.

I’ve been having fun with this Tilt Shift generator App for the iPhone.

There’s lots of eye candy to be found at the World of Playing Cards.

Insight into a logo development process via ISO50.

The sweetest subway map of NYC I’ve seen so far. It’s sold out til April 1 but you can pre-order now.

The RGB Light

Not exactly design-related, but I can’t get over the gorgeousness of this national park in Croatia.

Good reads:
How to Get motivated for Self-Promotion
Three Universal Truths for Why Projects are not Completed on Time
Self Promotion for Creatives, an e-book
Mark Boulton’s Designing for the Web is now online.
The Selby is in Your Place


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