Monday Quick Links: 03.12.12

The Curator’s Code, “a standard for honoring attribution of discovery across the web”, is a new project from Maria Popova, Kelli Anderson and Tina Roth Eisenberg that should be of particular interest to blog readers and publishers. Though I haven’t had enough time to read through all of the documentation and form a solid opinion just yet, but it certainly sounds like an interesting concept.

The Behance Outfitter introduces writing utensils.

The smallest business cards ever.

Breathtaking views of earth from space.

I love Angela Rizza’s interpretation of the Mockingjay. (Who’s excited for March 23rd?!?)

WAX magazine is a new, biannual publication catering to urban surfers, and “exploring the intersection of art, culture and surfing in and around New York City.” Support the project on Kickstarter.

10 Lessons for Young Designers.

Home is More Than Brick and Mortar is a personal print by Jenny Lee that benefits Habitat for Humanity.

Pantone tarts… and cosmetics.

Appstorm reviewed the new and improved version of Basecamp.

SVA has a brand new site.

This is so incredibly cool: This is Your Brain in Love: Scenes from the Stanford Love Competition.

The 2012 line-up for James Victore’s The Dinner Series is now open for registration.

Can’t miss videos: A beautiful collaboration between Levis and Korea National Ballet.

Good Reads: Dear Branding Agencies, 5 Minutes on the Verge: Nicholas Felton, A manifesto on Writing for Design.


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