Monday Quick Links: 03.19.12

I’m still not 100% sure if I will adopt the Curator’s Code process for attribution. I’m all for citing sources, but I have some of the same questions and hesitations as these guys. However, reading Kelli Anderson’s take on the project has swayed me a little bit, especially when it comes to her beliefs about creativity, which I wholeheartedly agree with:

By celebrating that ideas do migrate and evolve, we work at dispelling that annoying/dangerous myth of the creative-genius-hit-with-a-lightning-bolt. By paying homage to the fact that all creation is cumulative, collaborative, and gradual, we can evolve the conversation about creativity beyond the inaccurate binary of original/plagiarized. This inaccurate binary worldview is oppressive (at this very moment, there are a hundred art school students simultaneously mouthing “it’s all been done before!” as a lame, but sincerely-felt excuse.) If you disagree with my assessment of creativity, please stop reading this now and see if Jonathan Lethem can sway you with his essay, The Ecstacy of Influence. He makes the argument that every idea has a life independent of its maker. The more that these life-of-ideas gets mapped, the more we actually/functionally defend creative work as a culture.

The Camera Coact is new photographic blog with various creative contributors.

Ogilvy Singapore created a series of maximalist typographic posters using the words of David Ogilvy, entitled “Way of the David.

FontShop started their own version of March Madness.

I’m really excited to try out Everplaces, which “creates a Pinterest for the real world.”

Jessica Hische and Erik Marinovich have teamed up as Title Case. They’re starting to offer workshops and social Type-Nerd Breakfasts (current events are all sold out) out of their studio, so sign up for their mailing list to stay informed.

This custom typographic Scrabble game is nothing short of amazing. Pre-order a set here.

Gerren Lamson’s SXSW notes are a beautiful exercise in hand-lettering.

Good Reads: A Logo Won’t Do It All, How One Second Could Cost Amazon $1.6 Billion in Sales.

Can’t Miss Videos: What is Curation?, James Victore on “What The Hell Am I Doing?” .


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