Monday Quick Links: 03.29.10

Quick Links

Music Philosophy looks like such a fun project to maintain. (via Quipsologies)

Le Potager, a lovely video by Benoit Millot.

Can’t stop browsing through the NYC Polaroid Project (via swissmiss)

I haven’t entirely decided if I like this or not yet, but here is a new way to browse products on etsy, Pic Click.

Loving Benign Objects’ new set of Spring Printables.

Really excited about this book: My First New York.

Great article and discussion at idApostle: Why Design Can’t Be Billed by the Hour

And another one over at decor8: DIY is Not Duplicate It Yourself

Loving this monochromatic, dayglo NYC subway map

And for your inspiration and reference: Design Cookbook, a collection of online resources for designers, and MephoBox, a collection of web design and inspiration.

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