Monday Quick Links: 04.11.11

Theory 11 just released a Special Edition metallic version of the classic Bicycle playing cards.

An infographic of infographics.

I’m really excited about the launch of Skillshare, whose mission is to “flip the notion of traditional education on its head and democratize learning.”

What do you think of the new Science Channel logo? (Sent in by Ryan McCullah)

A New York City time lapse video.

What Font is another handy bookmarklet that allows you to discover what fonts are being used on our favorite sites. (via swissmiss)

The students of the UC Davis design program have banded together to create some artwork to benefit Japan. Check it out.

Looking forward to playing around with the Typeplace App.

LOVE Suzi Kemp’s disposable commemorative china.

Good Reads: What Good Is Listening Anyway, A Not-so-Brief Explanation of Chartwell, Process: Home Depot rebrand for BRAND NEW.


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