Monday Quick Links: 04.18.11

Good morning readers! Did anyone watch Game of Thrones last night? I was taken aback by the title sequence, which from what I can find were created by Angus Wall and A52 (correct me if I’m wrong). I’m not sure how long HBO will allow this to stay up, but here’s a peek on YouTube.

Are you a designer who wants to do some good? The 4th annual session of Camp Firebelly just might be the answer. The Camp will accept ten design students or recent grads to work with them and select non-profits in their Chicago Studio. Applications are due on April 28th, so time is of the essence—get more information right here.

House Industries’s much-anticipated Photolettering has finally launched!

Loving Pop Chart Lab’s latest poster creation: The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers.

Awesome sponsorship slide designs for NYC Creative Mornings by Mailchimp.

I literally saw Kelli Anderson’s latest invitation project on about ten other blogs, so I won’t do another big feature here; but it’s too amazing to not mention.

Here’s a great business card design by David Deasy.

A few can’t miss videos: Going Solo, Mike Monteiro: Fuck You. Pay Me., Eight Hour Day Creative Mornings.

Good Reads: Tibor Kalman vs. Joe Duffy Revisited on imprint, How Genius Works on the Atlantic, Designers Poison by Frank Chimero.


  1. my husband and i had been looking forward to game of thrones for so long and we were extremely happy with how the first episode turned out.

    i especially loved the title sequence because of how unexpected it was. the buildings look like they’re made of paper, which makes me think they wanted to reference the story’s book origin. i read that the map will change depending on where that particular episode takes place. so cool!

    we watched it twice last night and we’ll be watching again tonight. we’re obsessed.

  2. Kelli Anderson’s invitation is awesome! Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but Stefan Sagmeister did a similar project years ago [as a promo for Aerosmith, maybe?]. So, it’s a fun idea that’s been around. Her execution is really cute and pretty, though!

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