Monday Quick Links: 04.19.10

Quick Links

Got lots of links for you this week!

New prints from Justin Skeesuck

If you’re in the NYC area, this looks like a great event: AIGA Small Talk No. 7: Jon Gray and Jamie Keenan

Considering a move to or within NYC? Check out The Most Livable Neighborhoods in New York and The Livability Calculator.

Interesting Read: Open Thread: What One Thing Saves You the Most Time?

I mentioned this on Twitter last week, but in case you missed it check out: Is Archer’s Use on Target?, Archer Alert and also The Unfortunate Omnipresence of Archer.

Mom, this is How Twitter Works, a Twitter guide by Jessica Hische

A tutorial on how to make glowing letters at The Fontfeed.

We Heart launches The Import, a design showcase.

How to Get the Selby in Your Place!

Love this collection of bedside tables put together by oh, hello friend

Seriously considering signing up for this Live Design Cast featuring Nicholas Felton, A Master Class on Information Design.

Learn Your A-B Sea, an alphabet chart illustrated with sea creatures.

Company Logos for Less, Inc. Magazine conducts an experiment with logo factories.

Michael McDonough’s Top Ten Things They Never Taught Me in Design School

A couple of Chad Hagan’s Nonsense Infographics are up on 20×200 this week.

Get a free poster, designed by The Heads of State, from the Long Live Print campaign.

How to Get More Work Done in Less Time

Excited to check out Former New York, a photo gallery and exhibition going up later this month


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