Monday Quick Links: 04.30.12

The site for the SVA MFA Design program is up and running, with links to each designer and their thesis projects. Check it out here.

Speaking of SVA, one of the projects I mentioned last week, Day Job, now has a Kickstarter project going to raise funds for its initial publication.

The 2012 Logo Lounge Trend Report is out.

More vintage goodness via Present & Correct.

Check out Melanie Chernock’s Metrocard Project.

100designers is an inspirational site sharing interviews with leading graphic designers.

Ugmonk’s new Premium Ampersand Crewneck just flew to the top of my wishlist.

Great interview with Lab Partners on Ape on the Moon.

Milton Glaser’s Hands Have Literally Never Touched a Keyboard

Fun time-waster: Translation Party.

Thank-you Hillman Curtis.

Good Reads: Frank Chimero on the Shape of Design and the Harmonics of InfluenceUser Experience Is The Heart Of Any Company. How Do You Make It Top Priority?, Simplicity Isn’t SimpleType study: Techniques for using novelty fonts.


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