Monday Quick Links: 05.09.11

Just another reminder to check out Matt Braun and Matt Griffin’s Kickstarter project. There’s only 9 days left to contribute and get some amazing digitized wood type in return.

The Creative Panic is a daily illustration project of Ben Hood.

Kyle Steed created a huge hand-drawn icon set—get them for yourself right here.

I’m very much looking forward to this new U.S. map from These Are Things.

Here’s a super helpful chart that compares all of the currently available web font services.

Although I’m psyched to being seeing the iamdonald tour on Tuesday, I’m still bummed to be missing the AIGA event, Welcome to the Hatch Show: An Evening with Jim Sherraden. Get tickets here.

The TDC2 2011 winners have been announced.

Still in need of a portfolio site? Behance’s new ProSite looks like an awesome option.

I’m loving OCAD U’s new identity, seen here and here.

Good Reads: An interview with Jessica Hische on Method & Craft, Ira Glass wisdom via Mint, David Airey’s Design Iceberg, Logo Lounge’s 2011 Trends.

Must-see video: Letterpress by Naomie Ross via Spined.


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