Monday Quick Links: 05.16.11

Kate Spade’s color of the month is orange, and this time around they’ve paired up their own Meghan Eplett with Language Dept to create the monthly video.

The latest release from Cloudy CollectionMonster Parade, a collaboration with Ed Emberly and “fourteen of his biggest fans”—is now available for purchase.

What should I read next definitely looks like it could come in handy.

The Post Family and Pitch Design Union just did a great interview with Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swissmiss.

Simon Foster has curated a list of readily available, free fonts that he often uses—check out the selection at Free Faces.

Killed Covers was an exhibition of rejected book jacket designs hosted by The New York Times—check out 15 of the covers from the show right here.

Loving these videos by Thomas Shim: The Manifesto and Motion Reel 2011.

I’m pretty much convinced that the Mattson Creative studio (more here) is the coolest workspace I’ve ever seen. (via Graphic Exchange)

Good Reads: Why Creative People Need to Be Eccentric, How to Set Smart Daily Goals, 10 More Questions for Design Army, Crowdsourcing: Sabotaging Our Value, Famous Creators on the Fear of Failure.


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