Monday Quick Links: 05.28.12

We’re taking off after the Quick Links today to enjoy Memorial Day. We’ll be back with regular posts tomorrow. Enjoy!

Registration for the next Brand New Conference is now open. This year it’s in New York, so I will hopefully be in attendance.

Speaking of conferences, James Victore just launched a new project: Takes This Job and Love It. The details are a little sparse right now, but this description has me intrigued and excited: “A one day live event about work, life, and bucking the status quo. Come reclaim your creativity, ignite your path to personal greatness and access a higher level of badass-dom.” Be sure to sign up for the mailing list to stay in the loop.

Lettercult named Erik Marinovich their person of the year.

CheatSheet is a great little app that helps you quickly find shortcuts in the applications you’re using.

Help Ray Fenwick with his goal of reaching “near infinity” logos (examples here).

Last week I was really excited to see the launch of Pilot and Captain, a new project featuring travel-themed shirts and prints from The Heads of State. Check out the entire selection right here.

Bariol is a new typeface from Atipo. Get it for free by paying with a tweet.

An event worth attending if you’re in NYC: A Celebration of Hillman Curtis.

52Aces is a deck consisting of 52 extremely different cards. The basic idea was to have each of these cards individually designed by an international designer or illustrator in their distinct style. Then the unique ensemble, in which a variety of illustrations in many styles come together to form an interesting compendium, was to be presented in high-quality packaging and sold in a limited edition of 999 copies.

Good Reads: The Great Discontent: Dan CederholmAdvice on Living the Creative Life from Neil Gaiman, Augmented Paper.


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