Monday Quick Links: 05.30.11

We’re taking off this beautiful Memorial Day to enjoy some downtime. I’m leaving you with just a Quick Links post today, but we’ll be back tomorrow with more inspiration. Enjoy the day if you have some time off!

Fire It Up is a new publication about restaurant branding by Joseph Szala of Vigor Branding. Seamless was lucky enough to be featured for our work with Toasties. Pick up a copy right here.

Check out Wim Crouwel’s advice for young designers.

Check out The Post Family’s amazing wood mural for 37 Signals.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Evan Stremke‘s new Momentus project develops.

You may remember that awhile back I posted about Aaron Melander’s awesome Target Chalet project. Well he’s now  updated his portfolio to give us a look into the process. Pretty interesting to see.

Claudia from Fig 2 Design, posts about the difference between “stationery” and “stationary”. Amen—I have been seeing this everywhere lately and it’s been driving me crazy!

There’s an excellent collection of commencement speeches to be found at Longform. And speaking of commencement, check out the video of Amy Poehler’s recent address at Harvard.

I love that Character showcases their employees with a snapshot of their desks—such a great way to communicate a designer’s personality.

Good Reads: Seven Things Designers Can Learn from Stand-up Comics.


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