Monday Quick Links: 06.04.12

In case you were living under a rock last week and missed the news of Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh joining forces as Sagmeister & Walsh, here is the original announcement. Fair warning: this is not safe for work. There have been all kinds of responses to their conceptual and stylistic choices, from “genius” to “bullshit.” If you’re unsure what to think, Creative Review put together a short piece that features some additional background behind both the partnership and the announcement itself.

Should you check your email?

First, Boys and Girls impressed the interwebs with their Lego boardroom table. And now they’ve topped themselves, by creating a reception desk held up by balloons.

Skillshare recently announced the school of Behance.

Erin Jang created this awesome stop motion video for the Fortune 500 iPad issue using gilded letterforms she constructed out of wood.

I loved reading about the thinking behind this year’s Brand New Conference identity.

I’ve got my eye on this poster and this camera.

Erik Marinovich has a brand new site featuring tons of gorgeous lettering projects.

This week I spent a bit too much time exploring The Interactive Interaction of Color, a selection of exercises and examples from Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color.

I’m intrigued by this new Kickstarter project by Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit, The Olympic City, which aims to explore Olympic host cities after the games have long past.

Good Reads: The DNA Of Idea Execution: How Creatives Are Working Today, The Most Comma Mistakes, A New Metaphor for Your Career.


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