Monday Quick Links: 06.14.10

Quick Links

New grads are certainly getting more and more creative with the application process.

FontShop features Jason Santa Maria and his favorite typefaces.

Do You Offer Discounts? (This article is aimed at photographers, but I think it applies to anyone in a creaive profession.)

An infographic that dissects HTML (via swissmiss)

A proposal for a redesign of the NASA logo

The new issue of Lonny Magazine is out, and it’s just as gorgeous as ever.

Really hoping this WAKE t-shirt gets printed at Threadless.

Jessica Hische has some amazing new business cards for the Daily Drop Cap.

Shane Crawford found an amazing collection of Ralph Lauren hang tags. (Looks like you can see the whole collection right here.)

Looking forward to trying out the Shake It iPhone app (via Bonnie Tsang)


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