Monday Quick Links: 07.05.10

Quick Links

Here’s two interesting New York-related maps: New York City’s Unmapped Food Regions and NYC’s Twitter Traffic

Cooper is quite possibly the world’s youngest and cutest designer.

I’m not usually a huge fan of skulls and crossbones, but I’m really loving this Threadless submission by Esther Aarts.

New iPhone app Plethora is “an exclusive design gallery showcasing the world’s best web design, graphic design, branding, art, illustration, photography, product design, interior design and architecture. Inspiration everywhere, absolutely free.”

Check out Cloudy Collection’s latest release: Volume 11 / Edition 2

Click here to download one weight of St. Marie, which I mentioned in Type Love 98.

I Wish Your Wish is an intriguing new exhibit by installed as part of the exhibition “Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other”.at the New Museum.

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