Monday Quick Links: 07.11.11

The 50 and 50 print shop is now open!

Love this collection of vintage Life Savers advertisements.

Simon Foster put together a great list of online resources for designers.

Good Fucking Design Advice released a limited edition, super slick-looking, black-on-black poster. It’s now on backorder, but you can still reserve a copy.

So glad I came across Newswordy (built and curated by Josh Smith), a site that catalogs and defines buzzwords used in the newsmedia. Great design and content.

Two infographics that caught my eye this week: Infographic Of The Day: How Twitter Exposes Google’s Limits, The World Map of Useless Stereotypes.

Loving the design and color palette of Norman’s Printery’s July calendar.

Minneapolis’s own Wink just launched an awesome new site.

Good Reads: What to Do With Design Stuff, User Testing in the Wild.

Don’t Miss Videos: How To Make Dill Deviled Eggs. Yum!


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