Monday Quick Links: 08.06.12

This weekend I finally made it to the Cooper Hewitt’s exhibition on Governor’s Island, Graphic Design—Now In Production. I was already familiar with many of the pieces, but it was great to see them in person at their original scale—I highly recommend it, if you’re in the area. If you follow me on Instagram, you can also see some images from the show.

We also finally made it to the Museum of the Moving Image, which was even better than expected. If you’re at all a fan of television, film or pop culture, I would definitely recommend a visit.

The internet map is “a bi-dimensional presentation of links between websites on the Internet.”

I’ve been more into the Olympics this year than I have in the recent past, so I’m really loving Jay L. Clendenin’s recent photography project. Over a period of four weeks he photographed 2012 Olympians in two ways—with his modern DSLR camera and in black and white with a 4-by-5-inch field camera and a 100-plus-year-old Petzval lens. Take a look at the juxtapositions right here.

Facebook Stories is a collection of videos and written and illustrated stories that share extraordinary ways people have used Facebook.

I’m looking forward to the first ever Designers & Books fair here in New York this fall.

AIGA has completely revamped its membership structure.

Good Reads: The Terrors & Occasional Virtues of Not Knowing What You’re Doing, Besting Behance: A Guide to Creative Networking.


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