Monday Quick Links: 08.08.11

A fauxgo is “a symbol or other small design created to represent a fictional company or organization that exists only on film.” Check out the blog that catalogs them right here.

The new 2012 Typodarium calendar is now available. I haven’t actually picked up one of them before, but this year’s pink color scheme has won me over. Pick it up from Slanted.

25 of the city’s coolest matchbooks!

Two new designy games caught my eye this week: Rag Time, and OLO.

Don’t fear the Internet is really turning into a great resource. They’ve recently launched  series of super helpful video episodes, and a collection of desktop wallpapers.

Here is some more beautiful work by Friends of Type, this time part of a series of pieces for Woman’s Day.

It would make me so happy to come across one of these uplifting subway signs while out and about in the city.

In case you missed it on Twitter, I was a guest curator on the Supermarket blog last week. Check out my product picks right here.

Good Reads: A dialogue between Milton Glaser and Massimo Vignelli, a profile with Kate Bingaman Burt on Rena Tom’s blog, Why Can’t I Finish? on the 99%, HDYGTFAJ: Chad Kouri, Artist in Residence at Edelman.

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