Monday Quick Links: 08.15.11

Maraid Design is offering up a whole series of vintage map desktop wallpapers, on their blog.

Now’s your chance to submit a design to UNIQLO’s annual t-shirt design competition. Read more about what’s involved right here.

SVA has announced their fall line-up for exhibitions, lectures and events. Check out the schedule right here.

I love this new project by Owen Davey, for the Orange: The Feed, Who Plays Who.

By way of the Creative Freelancer blog I came across Laurel Black’s personal experience with a crowdsourcing dilemma (read about the aftermath here). Her response to her unhappy, yet uninformed, client was very impressive, so I thought I’d share.

The folks over at HOW and Print are launching two brand new conferences this year, Interactive and Color.

The 10th poster in the 1200 Posters series is now available; this time featuring artist Jing Wei.

I Need Nice Things has some great art print options.

Good Reads: 9 Reasons Why Failure is Not Fatal, Training Genius: The Learning Secrets of Polyglots and Savants, Handling the Client Approach.

Can’t Miss Videos: Off Book: Type, by PBS and Seth Godin on Being an Entrepeneur, Telling Stories and Making Ideas Matter.


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