Monday Quick Links: 08.23.10

Quick Links

Lot’s of links for you on this gray, rainy Monday in New York. Enjoy!

Good news: looks like the Hyperactivity Typography workbook will be available from Gestalten in October.

A Designer’s Guide to the new Pantone Plus System.

The United States currency gets a thoroughly modern redesign courtesy of Dowling Duncan.

A great resource: Design is History

I’m itching to try out this project: Turn Old Paperbacks into Custom Hardbacks.

250 Beautiful Typography T-shirts.

I’m loving all of the advancements allowing us to use better type on the web. And along those lines, Web Type, by Font Bureau, looks to be a similar service to TypeKit.

Like many others, I agree that the onslaught of minimalist series is getting a bit tired, but something about the style and colors of these Minimalistic Album Covers makes me love them.

As one half of a husband and wife design team, I am thoroughly enjoying idsgn’s Design Love series, the latest featuring Vignelli Associates.

Good read: What advice would you give to a graphic design student?

As previously mentioned on Twitter, I’m loving the latest Desktop Wallpaper Project on Kitsune Noir.

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