Monday Quick Links: 08.30.10

Quick Links

Hello, hello. I hope you all had a great weekend and are staying out of the heat! We’re facing temps back up in the 90’s this week, unfortunately. Guess we have to hold out a couple more weeks for Fall. It’s times like these when I am especially thankful I can work from the comfort of an air conditioned space. Anyways, on to the links…

Good Reads: The Insignificance of a Logo (Even When Significant), Photoshop Has (Almost) Nothing to Do with Graphic Design

Radical Boston Maps

Jessica Hische reveals a list of the things that bother her more than they should and a Scale of Annoyance.

The My Fonts Creative Characters series is now a book!

Psychic Drinking Glasses

We Gave the Color Wheel a Spin is a new video from the great minds at Kate Spade that provides some insight into their latest collection.

Legacy of Letters

East/West chronicles a road trip through a series of horizontally scrolling photographs.

This made the blog rounds last week, but I’m loving the monster family poster series by Family Tree Design.

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