Monday Quick Links: 09.19.11

Quick Note: Thanks for all of your travel submissions! We are currently all booked up for that series, but please feel free to send over regular submissions as usual.

I was pretty surprised to find out that I hadn’t yet mentioned Nicole Meyer’s 10,000 lakes project, in which she will brand one of Minnesota’s many lakes each day. So in case you haven’t came across it already, be sure to check out what she’s accomplished so far.

The Art of Exploding Flowers: Beautiful.

Tea Party Ipsum is both hilarious and useful.

Herb Lester just launched a set of four patterned notebooks by Brent Couchman. Pick them up right here.

Great infographic: 50 Most Influential Designers in America.

Get some of the stories behind the charts in Nicholas Felton’s Annual Reports over at GOOD.

Game of Thrones won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design.

I have a lot of teachers in my life, and I know each and every one of them would appreciate a personal thank-you note from a student. Participate at Thanks for Teaching Us.

Good Reads: Buying Creative Sucks, Setting Boundaries and Saying No Nicely, Determine a Good Designer and Client Match,

Can’t Miss Videos: The Making of “Grit” Tape Installation, The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog.


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