Monday Quick Links: 10.11.10

Quick Links

First, how could I not mention the Gap logo debacle? There were an overwhelming amount of articles, but here are a few highlights: Brand New’s Follow-up: Gapgate; An Exclusive Interview with the New Gap Logo on Fast Co. Design, Gap Speaks Out: Yes the Logo is Real, on Advertising Age; Gap Turns to Crowdsourcing on idsgn; Dear Gap, I Have Your New Logo on Mule Design Studio’s Blog,

This month I’ll be checking out Jason Santa Maria’s Candygrams, which are odes to candy posted by guest authors during October.

TSeventy is a new site from the minds behind Poolga, which features photographic iPhone wallpapers.

Good reads: Great Design Requires Great Clients, Sean Adams: 3 Questions for Matteo Bologna.

Digit Magnets would make a fun addition to any fridge.

Definitely planning on trying out Fillerati the next time I’m in need of some Lorem Ipsum.

Graphic Design for Kids would make a great gift for any budding young designer.

I kind of want to move in to Lonny Magazine‘s Dollhouse.

Check out Tunnel Bravo’s new t-shirt design: Fight Visual Pollution.


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