Monday Quick Links: 10.17.11

Nerdy Dirty – Illustrations for Nerds in Love, is a series of prints by Nicole Martinez that is available on Etsy

“TypeFight is an ongoing project to distract Drew Roper and Ryan Paule from their day-to-day grind. Each week (hopefully) they will design the same character and pin them against eachother in the typographic ring to battle it out for best looking letter.” Fun!

Even Huwa just launched a new shop featuring an awesome collection of prints.

Lomography launched its Colors section!

KernType is a ridiculously addictive (for design geeks anyway) online game in which your mision is to “achieve pleasant and readable text by distributing the space between letters.”

CoreHumanistSans is a simple and clean rounded typeface that is available from Alex Scholing for free. Download here.

The last in the series of 1200 posters, a gorgeous print by Julia Rothman, is now available. Pick it up right here.

Work x Union features one unique and quality job listing at a time.

Good Reads: 8 Tips to Stop Procrastinating, Why multi-touch is the future of all computers, all media, Paul Rand + Steve Jobson Imprint; A Bite from the Apple, Lessons from Steve Jobs on Positioning, Passion, Vision & Culture.


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