Monday Quick Links: 10.18.10

Quick Links

If I were in the LA area next month I would definitely be attending, “You’re Supposed to Act All Impressed”, a talk and performance by Wayne White. More details here.

The 2011 NPR Calendar is definitely one I’m adding to my wishlist.

If you’re interested in going to the 2011 99% Conference, you should check out their early bird ticket offer. I went the first year of the conference, and it was well worth it.

Not at all design-related (and a huge time waster) but Global Genie allows you to “teleport” anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Daniel Justi, who I posted about recently, just released the typeface I mentioned. Ataxia is available at My Fonts and You Work for Them.

Here is a great video of Tony Wagner speaking about 7 skills students need for their future (via swissmiss)

Good read: To Self Publish or not to Self Publish

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