Monday Quick Links: 11.14.11

I came across several great posters this week: DKNG’s latest release is a tribute to the films of Bill Murray, The Best Part has two new Day & Night prints available for pre-order—New York and San Francisco, Alex Pearson released a new poster inspired by the film Mon Oncle, Jason Munn’s four poster set for the SFMOMA.

I’m in love with CSA Flatfile, a blog that features current projects from CSA Images.

Course Horse is a booking engine for classes of all kinds in the NYC area.

Machas is a playful, free font by Jonathan Calugi.

As if running the NYC marathon wasn’t enough, Christoph Neimann actually live-illustrated the race.

Good Reads: A nice abbreviated review of Debbie Millman’s Brand Thinking by David Airey, Setting the Scene for a Productive Day, A Manifesto For Free Radicals: Less Paperwork, Less Waiting, More Action.

Can’t Miss Videos: Khoi Vin on the Grid.

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