Monday Quick Links: 12.12.11

Pantone reveals the color of the year: Tangerine Tango.

The Type Heritage Project [THP] discovers and documents the histories of digital display fonts originally designed between c1800 and World War I.”

Move the web forward.

I’m loving Hyperakt’s Informative Gift Wrap.

Great Infographic: A History of Western Typefaces, designed by Nick Sigler.

I’m one of those people that loves end of the year “Best of” lists, so Time Magazine‘s annual Best of Everything special is something I always look forward to. The Best of 2011 just went live last week.

Good Reads: Inspiration vs. Imitation by Jessica Hische, Making Big Decisions and Mastering the Consequences, MoMA’s Julia Hoffmann on Why Branding’s Future Is In-house.

Can’t-miss videos: A Year in New York, Steve Job’s Vision of the World.

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