Monday Quick Links: 12.19.11

This beautiful alphabet by Luci Everett was made out of the scraps from another project.

I just rediscovered From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association—definiely back at the top of my wishlist.

Chris Streger’s To Resolve project is back in business for 2012. In case you missed it last year, the project features designer-developed New Year’s resolutions in the form of iPhone backgrounds. And this year the top 12 designs will end up being sold as posters on Society 6.

I’m always a fan of Crspin Finn’s Year Planner. Check out the 2012 version right here.

Timothy Goodman illustrates the difference between California and New York.

I wish I had stumbled upon Two Arms’s Holiday Type Cards earlier. Love.

We are sorely lacking in wall space, but I still love this Tools for Making poster by Kate Bingaman Burt and Studio on Fire’s new Buzzed & Fuzzed Print Set.

Can’t miss videos: Part of a Bigger Plan and The Ambassadors for Louis Vuitton, Okkervill River, Wake and Be Fine.


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