Monday Quick Links: 12.20.10

Quick Links

Have you seen Jeff Bridges’ site? If not, check it out. I was completely shocked and amazed by his hand-drawn type and illustrations. who knew?

Krisatomic pulled together an amazing set of photos of Iceland that left me itching to make the trip.

Two desktop wallpaper finds: Sarah Mick, who was featured last week, created this fun wallpaper featuring type trends. And in a totally different vein, Hermes has created a whole series of wallpapers featuring various leathers stamped with their logo.

Chocolate letters!

Loving this new project by Nathaniel cooper for the United Way.

Interesting infographic: Mapping America: Every City, Every Block

A useful tool for web designers: The Great Typekit Table

“Let it Dough!” is Christoph Niemann’s latest creation for the New York Times. Love.

Check out Peepshow’s animated holiday greeting: A Christmas Odyssey

The Santa Brand Book is kind of amazing.

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