Monday Quick Links

A couple quick announcements before we get to the Quick Links:

  • First, thanks to all who entered the RE:DESIGN Conference giveaway! The winner will be announced very shortly, and will receive further instructions by email.
  • Second, thanks for all of your Gift Guide submissions so far! Some people have been asking how it works, so I just wanted to give a quick explanation. The process is pretty much the same as a regular submission. You will get an auto-response when you submit so you know that we’ve received your entry, and we’ll get in touch again if you work/suggestion will be included. The difference with the Guide is that I won’t be notifying anyone of their inclusion as the entries are submitted. I won’t be sorting through the entries and curating the Guide until after the submission deadline, which is November 1st. So go ahead and keep the submissions coming. You will be notified by November 7th if your entry will be included. Thanks!

David Airey started a great series for all job seekers in the design field, entitled What Employers look For. The series asks a number of top employers to give advice to job applicants, and so far three have been posted. Check them out here: one, two, three.

Twenty-seven letters.

Curtis Jinkins just released a new series of posters, check them out at Neighborood Studio.

Charles Wilkin has curated a collage exhibition, All That Remains, that is currently up at Ugly Art Room in Brooklyn. The show opened on Friday and will be on view through November 19th; more details here.

More love for Brooklyn from Steve Powers.

I haven’t seen this movie in years, but seeing this poster for It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, by Tom Whalen, flooded me in a wave of nostalgia. Sadly, they are all sold out.

Magnetic typography!

Lately it seems like the web has been filled with more and more negativity. I am seeing it increasingly often with dwl, and it is certainly disheartening, to say the least. So I definitely appreciated and related to these wise words from Chris Shiflett on swissmiss.

Before I die…in Brooklyn.

Good Reads: Steve Jobs in His Own Words, Measure Design, An Interview with Stefan Sagmeister, The Particle, How to Get All the Way to Done.


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