Monnet Design: Holiday Promotions

Each year Monnet Design redirects the money typically spent on holiday gifts to charities:

Monnet_holiday_2012_folded_with_envelope Monnet_holiday_2012_habitat_for_humanity_orientation Monnet_holiday_2012_move_orientation

Here’s what they did in 2011:

As we’ve done since our founding, we took the money we would have spent on expensive holiday gifts and redistributed it to charities. The idea of our 2011 card was to pair six common holiday gifts with six charities. We calculated how many of those gifts would equal the donation we made to each charity. The result were humorous gift/charity pairings and copy like “We donated the monetary equivalent of 7 deluxe fruit cakes to Amnesty International.” To redirect as much money as possible we kept the production costs to a minimum by printing only one color on kraft paper.

Monnet-Design-Holiday-2011_1 Monnet-Design-Holiday-2011_2 Monnet-Design-Holiday-2011_4

Also check out their greetings from 2010 and 2009.


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