New Device Creative Collaborative Stationery

Shane¬†Cranford¬†and Ross Clodfelter, of Device Creative Collaborative, recently revealed a new suite of gorgeous, letterpress stationery. I’m especially loving all the layering of graphic elements and typography in silver on red.








  1. […] a simple example to start with, device creative collaborative’s stationery set. aside from a really bold design, this set is also rather interactive, with some nice surprises like a printed envelope liner for recipients of mailed items. they also have a designed worksheet with a custom punch, which looks like it might use some nice industrial binder. some of these items are clearly props, but it’s a starter set for so much more! we see everything together here, but in the client experience, they might get a business card upon first meeting, a nice mailer follow-up, project notes on the custom worksheets, and custom invoices in these awesome envelopes. see the full set at […]

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