NOTHING:SOMETHING: Resin Denim Branding Part 2

As promised, here is an exclusive look at the branded trade show booth created for Resin Denim by Kevin Landwehr of NOTHING:SOMETHING. This gives you an impression of how Kevin and his team carries a brand through a space, by carefully crafting every detail to create a holistic experience. It’s also worth noting that each item you see is handmade—all of the distressing and weathering you see on the space’s objects was hand-detailed using new items. Here’s an additional bit of backstory to give you some more context:

RESIN is owned by Chris Gilbert, best known for completely upending the Denim Industry with his luxury denim brand, Paper Denim & Cloth. 10 years later he found himself hungry to change the game again, and he remarked to his Branding Director, Kevin Landwehr, that he couldn’t stand the endless rows of dry, boring plain-paper walled booths at the gigantic private fashion trade-shows. He questioned why the booths themselves said nothing about the brands being sold inside them. Landwehr and the team at Nothing Something were asked to produce anything they wanted — so long as it was full in concept and coolly disrespectful of the norm.

The reinvention was an immediate hit, but more importantly it proved hugely influential to the trade-show industry at large. The original RESIN / Nothing Something booth is widely credited within the industry as having instigated the increasingly clever & exciting spaces many companies now create for their booths.


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