Oak Long Bar by Korn Design

For the month of August, a series of guests will be filling in on DWL with daily posts. Today’s posts come to you from Boston-based designer Ben Whitla. For more from Ben, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Dribbble

As a former employee of Korn Design, it’s great to see them continue to create elegant work. This recent project – a rebranding of the Boston based Oak Long Bar + Kitchen – has really caught my eye. Designer Jeshurun Webb did a real nice job working with illustrator Brianna Nichols to build intricate texture and type that feels hand crafted, but not cute. Right on.


  1. Do you know of any good resources for companies that create custom books for branding/identity purposes, like those shown above? As someone fairly new to this part of branding design, working with small companies, I find it difficult to hunt down companies that custom print/create high end hardcover books, etc. like those shown above. Like perhaps a list of reputable online companies that produce high-end branded identity pieces beyond business cards and flyers (like hardcover books, etc.)

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